Biological Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic solution in which the colored organic and inorganic substances formed in the enamel structure on the surface of the teeth are removed with tooth whitening gels. The whitening process is in the form of applying a specially prepared gel on the teeth, accelerating the reaction with a light source or laser. The mechanism of the bleaching process is an oxidation-reduction reaction. The substances used release oxygen. The substances that cause discoloration in the teeth are replaced by colorless substances and whitening occurs.

Why Do Tooth Stains Occur?

There can be many reasons for yellowing and staining teeth. Among these reasons, the most common ones are: tea, coffee pot, cigarettes, and consumption of foods that contain coloring agents on a daily basis. In addition, changes in tooth structure with advancing age, long-term use of drugs and insufficient oral care can be shown.

What is the Office Type Bleaching Method and How Is It Done?

Office type whitening is a type of whitening applied by dentists in a clinical setting. In this type of whitening, an intense gel is used. In office whitening, teeth can be lightened a few tones with two or three sets of procedures in a single session. Quite successful results are obtained. Before the teeth whitening process is done, the tartar is cleaned. Recording the teeth before the procedures will show how many tons the teeth are opened.

Before the application, a reagent is placed in the patient’s mouth. It is also made to protect the gums. After this step, gels are applied. The process is repeated every two or three sets. After the teeth are cleaned after the procedure, the difference is observed. It would be useful to wait 24 hours to see the full effect of the whitewashing. The application may take approximately 1 hour.

What is Home Whitening and How Is It Done?

Home bleaching is applied at home with gels and it is the process of removing yellowing and stains. This procedure should be decided by the physician you are examining. After the decision is made, the first measurement will be taken. After the measurement is taken, the plate is prepared. After the plate is prepared, the gels will be delivered to you. You can perform your whitening procedures as your doctor deems appropriate. Processing time varies from 2-3 hours or up to 7-8 hours. This time depends on the sensitivity of your teeth. Successful results will be obtained by doing it continuously for 3 weeks.

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