Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root made of Titanium and placed in jawbone in order to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Implant implementation is the best and most modern treatment method known in the treatment of tooth deficiencies. Recently, on account of new and technological materials, implant implementations can be done much easier, painless and fast.

Implants used in dentistry for many years has became the most popular department of modern dentistry with material developments in the last decade.

Implants, as alternatives for classical prothesis methods, provide different treatment options for both fixed and movable prothesis.
The most important advantages of fixed prosthesis are being able to close missing teeth without the need of adjacent teeth preparations (cuts) and the cases of more teeth missings instead of movable prothesis.

In addition, the biggest disadvantage of the palate prothesis colloquially as we called total prothesis is to prevent mobility of prothesis.

The latest innovation of teeth implants is flapless which is a seamless implant implementation method.
In the flapless method, implant is implemented without cutting gingiva and suture.

Especially with the help of this latest innovation, duration of implant implementation is between 5-10 minutes.

Which Advantages Implant Treatment Provides In Different Cases?

Patients who have completely lost their teeth in their jaw and carry prostheses: These patients complain of constant pain and inadequate chewing due to the movement of the prosthesis. This complaint becomes even more intensified over time with the bone tissue loss. In such patients, implant treatment both removes all of the complaints and stops bone loss.

Patients who have completely lost their teeth in their maxilla and carry prostheses: Although the upper prosthesis is more stable than lower jaw prosthesis, prosthesis design that closes the palate reduces the sensation of taste and cause nausea.

Patients who have lost some of their maximilla and jaw teeth: The complaints of these patients include ugly image of prosthesis held by coronoid, or the necessity of cutting the intact teeth so that a bridge can be made.

Patients who have lost their one tooth: These patients are those who have to sacrifice their at least two adjacent tooth for the restoration of a single tooth. The placement of a single implant results in more functional consequences as well as saving of adjacent teeth.

What are the advantages of implant treatment?

Better chewing – Eating anything you want

• Better aesthetic appearence
• With the recovery of self-confidence, a happier social life
• Healtier and balanced diet because of eating anything

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