Invisalign is one of the latest technologies in orthodontic treatments. It is a wire-free orthodontic treatment method applied to straighten your teeth by using custom transparent aligners. The most distinctive feature of Invisalign is that it is not clear that you are being treated while the crowding of the teeth is corrected.

Depending on the movement pattern of the teeth, invisalign plates are produced; each plate creates a 0.05 mm or 1 mm range of motion. The plates are worn continuously for 15 days and then the other plate is passed.

The most important feature is that it does not affect your daily life negatively. It consists of removable series of transparent plaques, invisible and produced specially for you, so you can laugh as you wish during the treatment process, remove your plaques effortlessly while drinking, eating or brushing your teeth, and eat the food you want.

Since the treatment consists of soft plaques and no metals, there is nothing to disturb your teeth and gums. It can be easily applied to all age groups.

In the treatment of Transparent Plaque, crooked teeth can be corrected by means of transparent devices that cannot be noticed from the outside. Since the surface of the devices is extremely glossy, it does not disturb the lips of the patients and the treatment process continues without deteriorating the aesthetic appearance.

How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Applied?

Measurements are taken from the patients with three-dimensional digital scanners or silicone impression materials, and the simulation and adjustments of tooth movements in the digital environment are designed under the control of the physician, and plaques are prepared after approval. The corrected state of the teeth is presented at the beginning of the treatment in order to inform the patients visually in the virtual environment. Transparent Plaque treatment should be done by Orthodontists. Each clear plate should be worn for 1 week or 10 days, depending on the time to be determined by the physician, and the next plate should be moved. This prevents the coloration of the transparent plate and provides a hygienic oral environment.

What are the Advantages of Transparent Plaque Treatment?

The biggest advantage of clear aligner treatment is the appliances that the person can take off and put on, and it is a frequently preferred aesthetic treatment method because of their transparency. Since the removal and insertion of transparent appliances is under the control of the person, attention should be paid to the duration of use. Another advantage of the Transparent Plaque treatment is that the patients can consume the food they want. In wire therapy, which is the classical method, patients cannot consume some foods they desire and can eat some foods with difficulty. Transparent plaques; Since they are removable, there is no problem during the meal and it is easier to clean the teeth after the meal.

During routine orthodontic treatments, prohibited hard foods can be easily consumed during the transparent plaque treatment process. It provides a comfortable, invisible treatment opportunity. It is rare to have problems with speech and pronunciation during the period in the mouth. Unlike routine orthodontic treatment, it is appropriate to see patients once every 8 weeks, requiring fewer and shorter interim check-ups.

To Whom Can Transparent Plaque Treatment Be Applied?

The transparent appliance treatment method may not be suitable for everyone. You should be examined by an orthodontist to find out if you are suitable for the treatment of dental crowding with transparent appliances.

What is the Difference Between Invisalign and Braces?

Braces negatively affect the aesthetic appearance. However, this image does not occur with invisalign application.

Since there is no metal in the tooth, problems such as wounds, itching and allergies are not experienced.

It is a simpler and painless method compared to braces treatment.

Braces may have difficulty speaking, making some words difficult to pronounce. However, these situations do not occur in invisalign application.

In terms of cleaning, braces are quite challenging. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the gaps, cavities, behind the teeth. Since it is wire, this process takes a lot of time. However, invisalign is a very easy material to put on and take off. You can even take it off while eating and then put it back on.

It can be quite uncomfortable to be seen with braces on your special days. You cannot hide this view as there is no such thing as removing and reattaching it. However, invisalign eliminates this problem.

Is It Possible for Everyone to Have Invisalign?

Invisalign is a treatment that can be applied to both adults, teenagers and children. Your eligibility for Invisalign treatment is only finalized after your doctor’s examination.

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