Mouth Teeth And Chin Surgery

Impacted tooth operations: 20 years old teeth are the largest teeth among the backteeth and they are backmost teeth of jaws.

These teeth are remained last teeth in the mouth. They usually take their place in the mouth between the ages of 18-24. Mostly there is not enough space in the mouth for 20 years old teeth to be able to remain. Many 20 years old teeth are buried or they stop developing in the mouth with half fullness.

These teeth are mostly; cause complaints such as pain around the teeth, Earache, limitations of mouth opening.Occasionally, cysts can form around them, sometimes leading to tooth decay.
Because of their location in the back, this area cannot be cleaned very well by patients and can cause an inflammation in the gingiva.
The continuity of these teeth is usually quite painful and takes a long time to fully continue.
Infection, cysts, squeezing adjacent teeth, and located in a difficult area in terms of cleanability usually surgical removal is required.
In our clinic, firstly the position of the tooth is determined by radiologic x-ray before the tooth extraction.

Cyst Operations: Cysts can occur due to a number of reasons that may not be related to your teeth in the chin.
Over time, these cysts can melt your jawbone and cause loss of material and weakness of your jawbone.
If not cured, these cysts cause fractures in the jaws, aesthetic and functional disorders.
Often cysts that are not noticed by the patient can reach very large sizes.
Therefore, there is great benefit in obtaining panoramic dental radiographs during normal controls of patients.
Even if the treatment methods may vary depending on the area and size of the jaw cyst, they must be taken by mouth and dental surgeons.

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