Pediatric Orthodontics

Wireless Orthodontic Treatment for Children (Invisalign First)

Today, there are many methods for correcting the alignment of the teeth, making them look aesthetically pleasing, and correcting the crooked teeth. “Invisalign first” treatment is for pediatric patients in the mixed dentition period. It has replaced the classical removable appliances. In addition to wire treatment, the wireless orthodontic method is more preferred for children, which is simpler and more practical to use.

With its removable structure, the absence of wire and metal products, the treatment is provided with the formation of healthy teeth in children with transparent plaques. With its invisible transparent structure, it does not disturb children in any way.

• It is quite easy to have a structure that can be removed and re-attached when desired.
• Easy to clean and maintain,
• Distortion of the teeth is eliminated and cuts and wounds that the wire may form in the mouth are prevented.
• It has buttons when it is to be removed and it is easily removed by holding it from both sides.
• In addition, it does not attract attention as it is not visible in the mouth and has the same appearance as other teeth; Its use does not disturb children.


The palate holders, called “appliances”, which the patient can put on and take off, are used to remove stenosis of the jaw and crooked teeth. Different types of palates, which are used while sleeping and at certain times of the day, made according to the needs of the patient, can be easily put on and removed after the acclimatization period. Teeth and appliances should be brushed after each meal when using the removable bead pad.

In Which Situations Is the Palate Used?

Fixed and removable palate can be used before orthodontic treatment begins or during treatment. Palates used to make room for the teeth and expand the palate in patients with palate stenosis:

• People who experience forward and backward jaw positioning,
• Those who have an unbalanced face structure,
• People with abnormality in the lower and upper tooth curves,
• In patients with overlapping teeth,
• People with crooked and misplaced teeth,
• With the regular use of the removable palate, improvement in the structure of the teeth and jaw can be seen in

6 or 8 months. These periods and the course of recovery should be followed by the physician and the duration of use should be determined.

What is the Age to Start Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatments begin around the age of 9-12, that is, when the milk teeth fall and permanent teeth are placed in their place. Orthodontic applications at an early age may facilitate future treatments, perhaps even eliminating the need for treatment.

These situations are:

Severe anterior crossbite: It is a problem caused by the lower teeth in front of the upper ones; Depending on the reason, the correction procedures are with the appliances that we call palatal or extraoral.

Severe crowding: In people with a structure smaller than normal; Due to the inability of all teeth to fit, it should be expanded using appliances (palate), tooth extraction can be done; It also shortens the duration of treatment with braces in the future.

Excessively forward upper teeth: In such problems, the upper teeth can also be broken. This situation is corrected by treatment with a palate.

Treatment of harmful habits: While the habit of thumb sucking is expected to be stopped between the ages of 2 and 4, if this habit is dispensed with, the upper front teeth will be thrown forward due to the pressure created by thumb sucking and deformities occur in the palate.

Mouth breathing: It can cause abnormal growth of the lower and upper jaws.

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