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Thanks to new and technological materials, we make implant applications much easier, painless and faster!

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100% patient satisfaction is our first priority.

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You can call us to make an appointment or send your appointment requests to our info@dentbahcesehir.com e-mail address. We provide oral and dental care and treatments in a comfortable environment at times suitable for your schedule.

Address of Trust in Oral and Dental Health

The most basic principle of our team is to provide the best service available to our patients, for this we closely follow the health technology with the devices we use in parallel with the developing technology and we invite you to our clinic in Istanbul Bahçeşehir.

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What We Offer

As Dent Bahçeşehir, 100% patient satisfaction is our first priority. We plan and implement our treatments on this basis.

Biological Whitening

When the process is finished, the teeth can be opened by 2-4 tons and a satisfactory whitening can be obtained.

Implant Treatment

With new generation technologies, implant applications can be made easier, painless and faster.

Aesthetic Tooth Filling

We treat problems in the mouth, teeth and jaw areas of individuals of all ages.


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Prosthesis applications and our treatment phase will be very easy and systematic.


With the special techniques we apply, it is ensured that halitosis is completely eliminated.


With the new generation technologies, it is usually solved in one session, without bleeding and without stitches.

Dental Radiology

With new generation applications, pinpoint diagnoses and treatment methods are determined.


Root canal filling is carried out with maximum protection of tooth tissue.

White Teeth, White Smiles...

Whiter teeth with laser whitening treatment in just 1 hour!


Why Choose Us?

Since 2014, we have been serving in every field of oral and dental health with our expert physician staff, with 100% patient satisfaction at high standards.

High Standards of Service Since 2014

We are experts in all aspects of oral and dental health. We serve at high standards with 100% patient satisfaction.

New Generation Technological Equipment

Our polyclinic is equipped with new generation technological equipment in order to provide high standards of service.

Expert Dentist Staff

Experiences and unique competencies of our expert dentist meet you at Dent Bahçeşehir.

Personalized Service and Easy Access

We know that your time is valuable to you, we provide a quick turnaround for appointment requests.


Precautions We Take Against Coronavirus

We have placed hand disinfectants with feet and sensors at the entrance of our clinic and at certain points in order to clean our guests and to minimize the contamination by contact. Our clinic implements the measures recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. We have provided anti-bacterial air cleaners for the cleaning of the air in all our examination rooms.

All our examination rooms are disinfected twice a day with our UVC Ultraviolet Disinfection devices, which are effective in removing many bacteria, viruses, protozoa and molds, including covid-19.

We disinfect our routine disinfection processes with the HOCL disinfectant, which is considered the best against viruses. We do this by buying our own devices, without leaving it to private companies.

We use non-contact thermometers to measure the temperature of the guests coming to our clinic. In this way, we take care of both the health of our guests and the health of our other guests.

Dent Bahçeşehir Management
Dent Bahçeşehir

We Redesign Your Smile!

Our patients feel that they receive a boutique service in a friendly environment...

Every treatment performed at Dent Bahçeşehir is carried out by physicians who are experts in their fields, using the latest technological devices and the highest quality materials.

Mouth and Dental Health

Frequently Ask Questions

As Dent Bahçeşehir, we are at your service with our expert dentist staff and advanced technological equipment in mouth and dental health.

Bleaching is a harmless practice as long as it is planned and followed up and controlled by the dentist with the correct technique and the right technique.

During the application, a small increase in permeability and related slight sensitivities may occur in the enamel layer, but this situation is completely restored after the application.

As the Dentbahçeşehir team, we get to know your tooth structure and provide 2-3 tons of opening in your teeth with the right irradiation time and the right technique.


With the scaling cleaning process, only the external discolorations on the teeth, which are caused by the effect of coloring foods such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, can be removed. If the tooth is desired to be in a lighter shade, this is only possible with teeth whitening.

Tartar cleaning is the process of cleaning the calculus and stains accumulated on the teeth with ultrasonic or hand tools. However, this process should not be repeated too often. As the dentbahçeşehir team, we recommend you to have your 6-month physician check-ups.

Implant can be applied successfully to every patient who does not have serious health problems and has sufficient bone level. Implants can also be applied to diabetes and blood pressure patients who regularly use the drug and go to the controls. Implant treatment can be done at any age, as well as a treatment method that is used safely in patients who have lost all their teeth due to a single missing tooth.

In many studies, it has been proven that smoking inhibits bone integration with the implant. The risk of falling of the implant in smokers is 2-3 times higher than normal.

It is the process of abrading only the front surface of the tooth without cutting it. A healthy and natural appearance is achieved in a very short time with minimal intervention.

Google Reviews

'da 107 inceleme
ahmed a
ahmed a
Was very good dental clinic I had to fix a crown in my teeth was done fast and accurate with smooth hands clean tools and very professional dentist especially doctor bahar definitely I recommend this dental clinic
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Sinem Işık
Sinem Işık
3.5 yaşındaki kızımın ilk dişçi deneyiminde götürdüğüm yer. Ve bir sıkıntımız olduğunda yine götürdüğümüz yer. Dalya hanım ve Bahar hanım gerçekten doktor olmalarının dışında çok tatlı insanlar. İşlerinde de gerçekten çok atik aynı zamanda ehli insanlar. Çok teşekkür ederim 😊
Daha fazla oku
Çiğdem Gönülkırmaz
Çiğdem Gönülkırmaz
Sevgili doktorum Bahar hanım ve ekibine ne kadar teşekkür etsem az. Dişlerimde diş eti çekilmesi, kırılmış yarısı damakta 20 lik diş mi dersiniz ne ararsan vardı. Ne çekim akşamlarında ne de zirkon kaplamalar yapılırken hiç bir sıkıntı yaşamadım. Bahar hanım güleryüzü ve mükemmelliyetçiliği ile en güzel sonuca götürüyor. Şimdi neden beklemişim bu kadar diyorum kendime. Gönül rahatlığı ile herkese tavsıye ederim.
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Seçil Gezer (Student)
Seçil Gezer (Student)
Diş hekimlerine karşı çekingenliğimle gittiğim klinikte 1,5 yıllık diş tedavimi tamamladım tüm korkularımı geride bırakmamı sağlayan ve her zaman kliniğin pozitifliğini ve sıcaklığını hissettiğim Dent Bahçeşehir başta olmak üzere Gamze Hanım ve Bahar Hanım'a çok teşekkür ediyorum.
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Bilal Mellah
Bilal Mellah
I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Bahar and her staff. Dr. Bahar is very professional, she takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice, most importantly I'm really happy with my new smile 😀 I highly recommend Dr. Bahar and her staff, will come again.
Daha fazla oku
Люся Соболева
Люся Соболева
Many thanks to Dr. Bahar Sutasir! I am very glad that I found you, that the month of fears due to the tooth and the search for a doctor who would take up the treatment is left behind. You saved my tooth from extraction by doing high-quality canal retreatment. And thanks for the restoration of the teeth near the roots - the sensitivity is gone, I can safely eat fruits.
Daha fazla oku
Tawab yousufzai
Tawab yousufzai
Dr. Bahar is the best dentist in Istanbul! She has the most lightest hands in the world. She has an amazing personality and makes her patients feel very comfortable, relax and welcoming. The treatment that she has done on me was an outstanding experience. In case of any dental treatment, I and my family would always visit her in the future.
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Max alive
Max alive
There are a very smart and excellent orthodontist super 👍
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