Porcelain Laminates

Porcelain Laminates

Today people consult to dentists due to aesthetic appearence rather than teeth decays. Aesthetic dentists are engaged in structure of teeth, gingiva, face and jaws and their harmony with each other.


1- It produces various solutions to undesired color, shape and position of teeth.
2- It contributes to aesthetic approaches to appearance defects.
3- Teeth which is not participated in the smile is added to your laugh.
4- Aesthtetic approaches appear as a result of examination of teeth, gingiva, face and jaws and their harmony with each other.
5- It modifies the position of lips and gingiva during the smile.

In which situations is porcelain tooth laminate applied?

-People who have a tooth size which is too small to show the upper teeth during laughing.
-Colorings which antibiotics that cannot be treated with tooth whitening or due to excessive fluorine use.
-The cases that the patient is not cosmetically satisfactory about their teeth.
• For those who have broken in their front teeth
• For people who have gaps between their teeth (diestema closure)
• It can be a cosmetic alternative close to perfection of the correction of curved teeth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment)
• Teeth having bad structural form and shape

What are the advantages of porcelain laminate teeth?

* It is applied to the tooth surface without any abrasion or with a little abrasion on the tooth surface.

External factors such as tea, coffee and cigarettes do not change the color.
Color options are available.

Fractures, cracks, large fillings and colorings on the teeth can be treated easily.

– They are so natural that it cannot be understood that an application has been made.
– A design on your teeth can be done by obtaining a copy of your teeth that you are not happy with. Therefore, before you have any intervention in your teeth, you may see the change of them.
– They are very resistant to abrasions. It protects the teeth and prevents them from developing decays.

How long is the lifespan of porcelain laminate teeth?

Laminate can be used with good mouth care for years without any problem. Nowadays, metal-supported porcelains used for long years for the coating of teeth with crown are now gave place to porcelain with zirconium structure.

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