Orthodontics is the science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities of the dentist. The main purpose of orthodontics is to prevent the occurrence of disorders involving the teeth, jaw and facial region.

At the same time, it is a specialization aimed at stopping the progress of existing disorders, treating them and providing a good aesthetic function (biting, chewing, speaking, laughing).


* A good facial aesthetic
* A nice smile
* Prevention of jaw joint disorders
* Efficiently biting, chewing and talking
* To reduce gingival disease and decay


Orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age.
Especially if there are problems in the jaw area, in order to benefit from growth and development, children need to be examined before they reach the age of full maturity (10-12 years old).
If necessary, treatments should be started immediately.

In children aged 5-6 years, orthodontic examination is very useful for early detection of problems that might impair growth and development.

There have been significant innovations in orthodontic treatment methods in recent years. Transparent wires and porcelain brackets make it possible to apply orthodontic treatment almost without any indication of wire attachment.
Orthodontic treatment can also be performed by so-called Lingual Techniques which provides bonding the surfaces of the teeth and the tongue.

Another important development in recent years is orthodontic treatment, which is done by plaque application only by measuring the teeth at specific time intervals without wearing wires called invisalign technique.

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