Our Values

Our Values That Make Us Who We Are

Since 2014, we have enlarged our common mind by incorporating specialist physicians in our field and combining them with our experience from the past. We act and work without compromising on people, satisfaction and quality in the areas we serve.

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As Dent Bahçeşehir, 100% patient satisfaction is our first priority. We plan and implement our treatments on this basis.

One of our criteria that determines the quality of the treatment is the treatment planning made by evaluating the mouth as a whole. That is, the planning should not focus on solving the patient's current complaint.

Of course, the complaint should be resolved, but every step taken in the treatment stages should be in order to create a completely healthy mouth.

Every treatment at Dent Bahçeşehir is carried out by doctors who are experts in their fields, using the latest technological devices and the highest quality materials.

Hygiene rules in accordance with European Union norms are applied in our clinic. At the same time, our employees undergo routine training and information processes.

As Dent Bahçeşehir, we are aware of the necessity of being professional in one's job, as well as being friendly and sympathetic. Our patients feel that they receive a boutique service in a friendly environment.

To serve with high standards of passion, will and dedication with our expert physician staff in all areas of oral and dental health since 2014.

Since the day we were founded, we act with a corporate management approach that adopts the principle of being transparent and accountable in all our activities.

Since 2014, there has always been a people-oriented perspective on the basis of our management approach and stakeholder relations. We value and respect our people and strive for 100% patient happiness.

In the Dent Bahçeşehir team, each of us values the sense of responsibility and we always work to make a difference.

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