Prostheses which are called crowning or dental plate, are artificial teeth made for the purpose of replacing lost teeth for various reasons or to perform chewing and speaking functions for removing aesthetic defects.
Teeth play a major role in the digestion of food. Teeth are worn over the years just as the other organs of our body.

As a result of loss of teeth, prostheses are used. Our aim is to improve the function that the patient has lost, the aesthetic and dental origin speech disorders.

It is aimed with the prostheses not only for increase of the nutrition and health of the patients, but also improve of self-esteem by the individuals who have to live with missing or devastated teeth in their social life.

Tooth loss can be eliminated with different types of prosthesis depending on the number of losses. These are; Total Prosthesis, Movable Prosthesis, Fixed Prosthesis.

Our clinic specialists aim to act according to the needs and demands of the person in the first stage of the examination during all these processes.
For this reason, interviews in the form of question and answer are realized with the patients who were taken at the pre-interview after the panoramic x-ray.
After taking into consideration of which prosthesis is suitable for mouth jaw structure, age and expectations, our dentists will help you choose the right choice.

Our treatment process will be quite easy and systematic.
Measurements will be followed by laboratory operations. After a specific and meticulous work depending on your teeth, palate, gingiva measures, your teeth will be presented with the appropriate color tone.

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