Aesthetic Filling

Aesthetic Filling

Today people consult to dentists due to aesthetic appearence rather than teeth decays. Aesthetic dentists are engaged in structure of teeth, gingiva, face and jaws and their harmony with each other.


1- It produces various solutions to undesired color, shape and position of teeth.
2- It contributes to aesthetic approaches to appearance defects.
3- Teeth which is not participated in the smile is added to your laugh.
4- Aesthtetic approaches appear as a result of examination of teeth, gingiva, face and jaws and their harmony with each other.
5- It modifies the position of lips and gingiva during the smile.

Which treatment methods are used in aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic fillings
Porcelain Lamina (leaf coverings)
Metal-free coatings (zirconium – empress)
Gingival aesthetics
Smile design
Aesthetic fillings

What is Inley- Onley?

Metal and composite fillings are commonly used as filler material in the treatment of tooth decay.
However, we prefer porcelain fillings because of their aesthetic appearance and durability for teeth with extreme loss of material.

Inleys-Onleys are prepared in a laboratory environment by taking measurements after cleaning the teeth decay. Because of the fact that they are resistant, long-lasting, protective for remaining dental tissue, they have the minimum risk of edge leakage and new decays, and they are very sensitive to tooth-restoration, nowadays it keeps its top position in our aesthetic applications.

Porcelain laminates: Porcelain laminates are restorations that can be applied with little or often no preparation (cutting) of dental tissue.

ensures It provides excellent aesthetic results as a result of the excellent color permeability of laminated adhesives using special adhesives.

The fact that laminates are healthy, durable and good color stability makes it a very common restorative option today.

Very thinly produced laminates are obtained with precision techniques. This ensures the perfect fit between teeth and surrounding tissues.

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