Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium Teeth

Today people consult to dentists due to aesthetic appearence rather than teeth decays. Aesthetic dentists are engaged in structure of teeth, gingiva, face and jaws and their harmony with each other.


1- It produces various solutions to undesired color, shape and position of teeth.
2- It contributes to aesthetic approaches to appearance defects.
3- Teeth which is not participated in the smile is added to your laugh.
4- Aesthtetic approaches appear as a result of examination of teeth, gingiva, face and jaws and their harmony with each other.
5- It modifies the position of lips and gingiva during the smile.

Why should zirconium porcelains be preferred?

• It is possible to obtain more aesthetic results in zirconium porcelains than metal supported ceramics. In addition, if the porcelain is good in harmony with the tissues, restoration can be used for many years in healthy environment.
• In metal-supported prostheses, there is never a purplish discolouration of the teeth in the neck region of the tooth.
• With the help of its light transmittance feature, the image of natural teeth is fully captured. Healthy teeth enamel completely pass the light. Metals, which are the sub-structures of classical porcelain coatings, create an opaque appearance in the teeth. This causes the teeth to look inanimate and artificial. It has been avoided with zirconium.
• They are not allergic. When compared to metal-supported prostheses, it is more advantageous in terms of overall body health.
• It is a healthy material that does not cause the taste disorder in the mouth, gingiva problems and mouth odor.

• In which situations zirconium teeth can be applied
• In teeth with excessive material loss
• In the construction of bridge restorations in tooth deficiencies
• In aesthetic restorations in the front region
• In patients with metal allergy
• Upper implant restorations
• Bonding implementation

In bonding or adhesive systems, fractures in the front teeth, diastemas (gaps between the front teeth) can be easily corrected by using composite fractures and the size of the teeth can be aesthetically extended in one session again.

They have been developed in order to change, enlarge or treat a defect in tooth color or shape and to provide an aesthetic appearance without the loss of dental materials.
These implementations are aesthetic, fast and cost effective.

Generally, within 1 hour, it is applied without any need of local anesthesia.

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