Halitosis is an ugly odor of the mouth, which comes from mouth or nose, which disturbs both the person and other people.

The causes of halitosis may be pathological or physiological, and in some cases both can be together. The source of mouth odors is often problems in the mouth.

Dryness of the mouth, long-term starvation, diseases inside the mouth, inflammations and bacteria accumulated on the tongue are the main problems of mouth odor.

Untreated tooth decays, food residues trapped between teeth, misconstructed prostheses, gingival diseases and inadequate oral care are among the many reasons for mouth odor.

The odor coming from digestive system and respiratory system consists 10 percent of halitosis.

In order to be able to treat the odor, the odor source must be correctly identified and removed according to the diagnosis.

In our clinic, for mouth originated odors, treatment is prepared depending on the individual and needs of the patient and is mostly formed due to removal of the food in the mouth, cleansing of inflammations and decays, and reduction of the number of oral bacteria by oral care methods.

In our dental clinic, while these treatments are carried out, removal of oral odor with oral care training and applications are conducted.

In necessary situations, it is consulted to medical doctors.

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